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WaterBreak is a professional full-service lawn irrigation and landscape lighting company.  We are committed to helping you add value to your home or business by providing you with skilled and reliable solutions. We specialize in two things; Irrigation and Landscape Lighting.

WaterBreak draws on over 15 years of innovation and experience installing and servicing landscape lighting over a wide-range of commercial and residential properties across Ontario.  We work with our landscape partners to provide you with the best system. We don’t try to be everything to everyone. Irrigation and Landscape Lighting is our business and we do it well!

Making the decision to showcase your property using exterior lighting is a decision to be taken quite seriously.  Understanding the basics of landscape lighting will help you to make an informed decision to complement your homes exterior. 

Up Lighting is a very dramatic lighting technique.  It is contrary to what we see in everyday life.  Up lighting is a common technique used to accent key focal points in the landscape and create shadows on walls.  It can also be used in many other secondary techniques.  Up and Accent, In-Ground, and Well Lights can be used for this technique.

Down Lighting is one of the most natural forms of lighting.  Most of our light in everyday life is Down Lighting; sun, moon, stars, and interior/exterior lighting. By placing fixtures in trees and on structures, we can simulate natural down lighting and in many cases create visually pleasing effects by castings shadows on driveways, walkways, and lawn areas.  Up and Accent lights with special hardware and Hanging lights can achieve this effect.

Path Lighting is a common attractive way to light pathways, gardens and seasonal materials to create an even flow of light throughout the landscape.  It is best to place fixtures back away from driveways and walkways so that they are close enough to adequately light that area, but yet not so close that they become a hazard.

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