Statistics are not kept for private irrigation main line breaks, but they certainly occur much more frequently than anyone desires. The primary reason behind most of the breaks is a result of aging or damaged infrastructure. While time may heal some wounds, time passing only results in more frequent mainline breaks. Often, breaks start with leaks that over time weaken the pipe until the break occurs.

Undetected breaks are a huge problem for the consumer. One of the problems is a consumer often does not realize they have a leak until 60-90 days later, when the water bill is so high it catches someone’s attention to investigate. By the time the leak is detected and repaired it can be up to 90-120 days later. By that time, the increased water bills are usually very significant. This past year more than ever, we heard homeowners and Property Managers share their frustration about irrigation breaks, irrigation leaks and very high water bills. Our recent harsh winter weather is a direct result of these problems. Drastic changes in temperature and extreme cold temperatures cause the ground to heave dramatically, thus, putting a great strain on system hardware.

Regular site visits and system inspections will vastly reduce the risk of water line breaks and leaks. Our WaterSmart Service will provide a comprehensive system inspection four times per season and immensely reduce the risk of future infrastructure failure.

Bottom line; save water and money with regular system inspections.